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Canada Claims: Venezuela and Caracas Persona

canada claims: Given the ever-present possibility of a complete disregard for truth on both sides, which government might be more credible in this instance Let us consider the background, according to Rabble. Last week Venezuela declared Canada's charg d'affaires in Caracas persona non grata. In the recent tussle between Caracas and Ottawa, for instance, Venezuela says it is trying to protect itself from foreign interference while Canada claims it is promoting democracy and human rights. In making the announcement, the president of the National Constituent Assembly Delcy Rodriguez denounced Craib Kowalik's permanent and insistent, rude and vulgar interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela. Following Washington's lead, Ottawa has also imposed sanctions on Venezuelan officials and supported opposition groups. Is Rodriguez's explanation for expelling Kowalik convincing In recent months, foreign minister Chrystia Freeland has repeatedly criticized Venezuela's elected government, and Canada is part of the so-called Lima Group of foreign ministers opposed to President Nicol s Maduro. ( As reported in the news.