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Business Association: City and Montreal

business association: The reality on the ground in Montreal, however, is that customers to the city's stores and restaurants would likely be just as comfortable with an hola, ciao, namaste, salaam or marhaba, according to Toronto Star. Census numbers from 2016 reveal Montreal is by far the country's most trilingual city. Quebec made international headlines when its legislature voted 111-0 in November in favour of a motion calling on store clerks to greet customers with a bonjour instead of the English-French mix, bonjour/hi. The data were specially ordered by Montreal International, a business association, and provided Friday to The Canadian Press. Nearly 850,000 Montrealers know at least three languages and more than 40 per cent of the city's immigrants are trilingual. Article Continued Below Statistics Canada's figures indicate more than 21 per cent of Montrealers can speak at least three languages, compared with 11 per cent of Torontonians and 10 per cent of people in Vancouver. ( As reported in the news.