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Toronto Song: Song and Toronto

toronto song: Those are the singer-songwriter's first words in People City Toronto's Lost Anthem, a new short documentary about a Toronto song that has been nearly lost to history, according to Toronto Star. People City was commissioned in 1972 by Moses Znaimer as the theme song for his then-fledgling television station, Citytv, then on Channel 79. I don't know what happened. The original film that went along with the song, a kind of civic music video before there were music videos, captures Toronto in its peak 1970s' macram glory, celebrating the multicultural place it had rapidly become. Despite its initial prominence, the song slipped into obscurity as Citytv switched to a more rock n' roll sound for their theme songs, and as the documentary explains, efforts to get Toronto city council to adopt the song officially failed. It was used by Citytv to sign off too; these were the days before 24-hour television, and stations would stop broadcasting sometime after midnight, usually saying goodnight with O Canada. ( As reported in the news.