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Reporters Thursday: Contingency Plan and Task Force

reporters thursday: It would appear from the most recent announcements from Homeland Security that they are factoring that into the decision making, according to CBC. Goodale made the remarks after meeting with the federal task force that is mapping out a contingency plan to deal with the influx of people illegally crossing the border into Canada. The United States needs to be cognizant of the fact that when they take certain steps within their jurisdiction, those steps have consequences elsewhere, Goodale told reporters Thursday. It was the group's sixth meeting, and comes as the spike in summer crossings begins to slow down. '1102667331687', 'playlist Selector' 'container Selector' ' container93654272', 'ciid' 'caffeine14417196' ; Goodale on processing asylum-seekers2 15 Officials say the number of irregular crossings has decreased to about 60 a day, from what had swelled to 250 in the warmer months. MPs and embassy staff have been meeting with diaspora, community groups, lawyers and government officials to explain how Canada's immigration system works and to send the message that crossing outside a legal border point is not a free ticket into the country. The decline comes as the federal government continues an outreach and public awareness campaign to try to correct misinformation spreading on social media that Canada has an open door to migrants. ( As reported in the news.