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Spies: State Secrets and Midnight Raids

spies: It was assumed that they could be easily blackmailed into leaking state secrets to foreign spies, if those spies found out about their sexual orientation, according to National Observer. It was a dark period of threats, midnight raids, invasion of privacy and hatred towards the LGBTQ2 community that would eventually become known as the gay purge. Since the start of the Cold War, he explained, federal employers had been investigating, sanctioning and sometimes firing staff that were gay or suspected of being gay. It lasted for decades. It was almost as if it served as a lesson to anybody 'If you want to work in the federal government, don't even think about being out,' because the people who were identified correctly or incorrectly certainly suffered. I did everything I could to remain in that closet and not to come out, because believe me, it was a career-ending move, Rousseau, now the executive vice-president of the Canadian Labour Congress, told National Observer. ( As reported in the news.