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Pierre Trudeau: Trudeau and World War

pierre trudeau: Trudeau, a gregarious people-person, has remarked before on the difference between his approach to politics and that of his aloof, cerebral father, according to National Observer. And he offered that as an explanation for their different approaches to attempting to right historic wrongs. Certainly, a number of people have highlighted, and I have this reflection as well, that my father might have had a different perspective on it than I do, Trudeau acknowledged during a social policy conference Monday at the University of Toronto. He came at it as an academic, as a constitutionalist. Back in 1984, Pierre Trudeau rebuffed pressure to apologize and compensate Japanese Canadians who were interned and stripped of their property during the Second World War. I come at it as a teacher, as someone who's worked a lot in communities, he said. ( As reported in the news.