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Soldiers Canada: Canada and War

soldiers canada: Politicians and civic leaders in Canada like to paint that bloody conflagration as a coming-of-age moment for this country, according to Rabble. And, in many ways, it was. Over the years, the day has come to be an occasion to recognize Canada's sacrifices in all wars, including, of course, World War II. But this year, because we are marking the 100th anniversary of the battles of Passchendaele and Vimy Ridge, in which Canada suffered heavy losses, we are paying particular attention to the first Great War. Full nationhood and executed soldiers Canada had still been a partial colony until World War I. Great Britain exercised significant control over our foreign affairs and we did not have independent treaty-making power. The Great War, historians tell us, helped turn Canada from colony to nation. A case in point in 1903, Britain famously sided with the Americans in the Alaska boundary dispute, ceding to the U.S. a big chunk of the Alaskan panhandle that Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier believed was rightfully Canada's. ( As reported in the news.