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Rohingya Muslims: Suu Kyi and Trudeau

rohingya muslims: The alleged attacks have forced more than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims into exile in neighbouring Bangladesh, according to National Observer. The crisis has damaged the once-celebrated global image of Suu Kyi, who is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. It was Trudeau's first meeting with Suu Kyi, an honorary Canadian citizen, since a crackdown by Myanmar's security forces began in late August. Bob Rae, Canada's special envoy for the Rohingya crisis, joined Trudeau at the meeting. I think it's fair to say we feel that more needs to be done and more could be done, Rae, who briefed Trudeau on Friday on his recent visit to the region, told reporters in Danang. The former Liberal MP said Trudeau was very direct with Suu Kyi and the two leaders didn't immediately agree with each other. ( As reported in the news.