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Alberta Vote: clear.a Week and Wedge Issue

alberta vote: But which way this wedge is actually likely to slice the Alberta vote remains far from clear.A week ago, NDP Education Minister David Eggen introduced Bill 24, An Act to Protect Gay-Straight Alliances, legislation designed to prevent school administrators from informing parents in all but a few situations if their children have joined a GSA at their school, unless the young people themselves agree, according to Rabble. We wanted to make it crystal clear that kids will not be outed, Eggen told the CBC last week.UCP Leader Jason Kenney immediately accused the NDP of using this sensitive matter as a partisan political wedge issue. As always in such situations, one of them is almost certainly wrong. This is ironic, seeing as it was Kenney's use of the issue as a partisan political wedge that provoked the NDP to introduce the amendments to the Alberta School Act in the first place. This infuriated GSA supporters, who argued that in many cases it could put LGBTQ children's lives at risk, but was red meat to Kenney's social conservative base. Kenney created a storm of controversy last March when, during a congenial visit with like-minded members of the Calgary Herald Editorial Board, he opined that while he might not repeal the law reluctantly brought in by premier Jim Prentice's Progressive Conservatives in 2015 that requires students to be permitted to form a gay-straight alliance at school if they see the need, their parents should be always notified if they sign up. ( As reported in the news.