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Pirates Charting: Cabot and Cartier

pirates charting: Both Cabot and Cartier were little more than officially aggrandized criminals well-armed pirates charting the way for European kings and popes to seize control of what became known as Canada, according to Rabble. While Cabot staked the English monarchy's fictive claim to dominate North America, Cartier is celebrated for three voyages, between 1534 and 1542, which set the colonial course of history for New France. Published by Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade COAT .by Richard Sanders View as PDFBesides John Cabot, another towering figure in the pantheon of Canada's national heroes, long said to have discovered this land, is Jacques Cartier. As anthropologist Bruce Trigger noted in 1985, the era of European explorations following Cabot and Cartier, until the establishment of royal government in New France in 1663 was long seen as a Heroic Age.' The brave heroes in question were French explorers, missionaries, and settlers who performed noble deeds. Lawrence Valley, was hailed as the prototype of a bold mariner.1In his book The Hero and the Historians Historiography and the Uses of Jacques Cartier 2010 Alan Gordon documents an ebb and flow in the centuries-long manipulation of Cartier's image by a diverse array of professionals with special interests. Cartier the discoverer' of the St. ( As reported in the news.