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Muslim Minority: Rohingya and Country

muslim minority: Rohingya Muslims are not officially recognized as a minority in Burma, also called Burma, even though many have lived there for generations, according to Toronto Star. Burmese officials and many among the predominantly Buddhist population reject Rohingya and are instead using Bengalis to emphasize their disputed argument that the Rohingya migrated illegally to the country from Bangladesh. As he arrived for the first papal visit to the country, speculation mainly circled around the question whether the pope would use the term Rohingya to describe the country's Muslim minority, which has been the target of a brutal military clearance operation. Burma's small Catholic community has similarly urged the pope to refrain from using the term, as such a move would likely be interpreted as foreign meddling in domestic affairs by the Burmese leadership. Article Continued Below Pope Francis had already prayed for our Rohingya brothers and sisters, ahead of his visit. But as a religious leader who has repeatedly defied the restraint his predecessors may have shown, observers believe that Pope Francis could still emphasize his support for the minority by deliberately using the factually correct but politically fraught term. ( As reported in the news.