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Phone Interview: Keisha and Ethnic-Sounding Names

phone interview: Harris, a native of Saginaw, Michigan who moved to Atlanta last year, cast her ballot Tuesday for city councilwoman Keisha Lance Bottoms, who will face fellow councilwoman Mary Norwood in a Dec. 5 runoff election, according to Metro News. Just having a mayor whose name isn't the standard name you would find on a coffee mug . I don't know what could be better! Harris said in a phone interview. The 28-year-old graphic designer exulted Wednesday on her Facebook page Keisha, Keisha, Keisha! I just want a mayor name Keisha. It's kind of like when Barack Obama became president. Ethnic-sounding names have long been considered an obstacle, particularly when applying for jobs or college admissions. A campaign once fixated on the possibility of Atlanta electing a white mayor for the first time in decades has suddenly shifted to the notion that the city could end up with Mayor Keisha adding Bottoms to a growing list of politicians whose ethnic-sounding names haven't hindered them from winning elected office. ( As reported in the news.