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Maria: Bing and Birthday Celebration

maria: The film opens with Maria Cheng Pei Pei hosting a birthday celebration for her workaholic accountant husband, Bing, Tzi Ma . Maria reveres Bing and remains in awe of the sacrifices he has made for the family, so much so that she even respects his insistence that she not speak to their son, according to Rabble. But when she finds evidence that Bing may not be the perfect person she believes him to be, she's forced to consider her world in a radically different light. Toronto International Film Festival In her film Meditation Park, Mina Shum returns to the themes that propelled her early work. Maria embarks on a journey of self-discovery by engaging with the world around her, something Bing has always discouraged. Mina Shum is a Hong Kong born, Vancouver-raised filmmaker who studied theatre and film production at the University of British Columbia. She befriends a group of local eccentrics and a rather shady neighbour, Gabriel Don McKellar . Maria soon realizes that people's lives are much more complicated than Bing has led her to believe. ( As reported in the news.