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Negev Desert: Immigrant Stories and Orit Paunescu

negev desert: Orit Paunescu comes from what seems like a family of immigrant stories, according to The Chronicle Herald. Her parents were both born and raised in India but left Bombay in the '70s and headed for Israel. I love listening to the stories of how brave souls pack up everything they know and love and take off in search of a new life, often risking everything to give their children a better quality of life, sometimes seeking a sense of adventure but almost always finding new opportunities. They settled in the southern city of Beersheba a city with an ancient history, a hot, arid climate in the Negev desert, and a multi-ethnic population. I grew up eating Indian food in Israel, Orit says with a laugh. This is where Orit was born and raised, sandwiched between an Israeli culture and her own Indian heritage. ( As reported in the news.