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Ndp Majority: School and Gay-Straight Alliance

ndp majority: The bill also closes loopholes now used by some schools to obstruct efforts by their students to form GSAs, according to Rabble. Yesterday's vote brought to an end two weeks of often emotional and angry debate about the human rights of students still in school, the rights of their parents to be informed about their children's activities, and competing inclusive and social conservative visions of how society ought to be organized. Thanks to the efforts of the NDP majority in the Legislature, as soon as the bill comes into force it will be illegal for teachers and school administrators to tell parents their child has joined a gay-straight alliance at school without the permission of the child. Schools were already required to allow students to form GSAs if the students saw the need, in legislation that was reluctantly introduced and passed by the Progressive Conservative government of Premier Jim Prentice in 2015 under pressure from Liberals and New Democrats in the House and many voters throughout the province. In the event, this dramatic change of heart by the Prentice PCs was apparently deemed insufficient by Alberta voters, who soon thereafter for a multitude of reasons surprised everyone, including themselves, and elected an NDP majority government led by Premier Rachel Notley. Passage of the 2015 law was described by media as a stunning about-face, and didn't happen until after the same Tories had defeated a similar private member's bill by Alberta Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman. ( As reported in the news.