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Hungarian Leader: Jobbik and Freedom Party

hungarian leader: My own personal encounter with this airbrushed fascism came in 2013 when I traveled to Budapest to do a story about Csan d Szegedi, a former vice-president of Jobbik, Hungary's far-right political party, according to National Observer. I was filming a story about the 31-year-old for 16x9, Global TV's current affairs program. Today, the new face of fascism is more sanitized and mainstream especially in Europe with parties like the National Front, UKIP and Freedom Party of Austria. Szegedi had been one of Jobbik's rising young stars, an anti-Semite who'd won a seat in the European Parliament in 2009. Jobbik is anti-Semitic, anti-immigration and anti-Roma while hero-worshipping Admiral Mikl s Horthy, the Hungarian leader who allied with Hitler until 1944. On his first day as a parliamentarian, he wore the black tunic of Jobbik's banned paramilitary organization he'd help found the Hungarian Guard. ( As reported in the news.