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Aid Groups: Muslim Rohingya and Home Country

aid groups: Begum has been a refugee ever since, according to Toronto Star. She grew up in Bangladesh's Rohingya refugee camps, and now earns a living working for a string of international aid groups. She was only 18 months old when her mother smuggled her across the Naf River on a fishing boat, carrying her into Bangladesh, among hundreds of thousands of Muslim Rohingya fleeing persecution in their home country. On quiet days, she's the kind of person who wanders around looking for someone to help. Read more U.S. considering individual sanctions in response to Rohingya crisis Tillerson Article Continued Below On human rights and climate change, Justin Trudeau's actions don't match his talk WalkomUN chief raises alarm over Rohingya crisis in speech as Burma's Suu Kyi sits close by She made calls to a half-dozen countries. So when frantic relatives called her in late September to tell her that Burmese soldiers were burning Rohingya villages and tens of thousands of Rohingya were fleeing, the 28-year-old jumped into action. ( As reported in the news.