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Goldsmith Treatment: Singh and Leader

goldsmith treatment: Singh has already been subject to the Goldsmith treatment, according to National Observer. In his first national interview after becoming leader, he faced a pointed line of questioning about the Air India incident, which, as many have pointed out, occurred when Singh was five years old. For Jagmeet Singh, Canada's newly-elected NDP leader, the biggest challenge of the 2019 election may also be proving that he can withstand a similar dog-whistle campaign. The CBC, which aired the interview, compared it to asking incoming Conservative leader Andrew Scheer about his views on abortion. As for the NDP's progressive base, some of the same one-dimensional thinking has been at play. Some commentators have responded that the equivalency doesn't hold true, and that other politicians have not been similarly asked to condemn segments of their Sikh supporters as Singh has. ( As reported in the news.