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Conflict Zones: Gender Equality and End Rape

conflict zones: After long ignoring the issue of abuse, the international community has in recent years stepped up its efforts to end rape and other sexual violence in conflict zones and to hold perpetrators to account, according to National Observer. But the UN has also struggled with revelations that peacekeepers themselves have either sexually abused or exploited the very people they were to protect in a number of countries. The topic of Jolie's Nov. 15 address is not listed, but the Liberal government has pushed for the summit to include discussions about increasing gender equality in peacekeeping and ending sexual abuse by warring factions as well as peacekeepers themselves. Canadian peacekeepers have been among those implicated UN figures show that three Canadian police officers deployed to Haiti have been accused of sexual abuse or exploitation since 2015. ; The most recent was this last March, which the UN and Canadian authorities are still investigating, while one of the others from 2015 was sent home for what the UN termed administrative action. The alleged perpetrators have not been publicly identified. The third incident, also from 2015, is still under investigation. ( As reported in the news.