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Tuliao: Arielle Tuliao and Vancouver Canucks

tuliao: They sent me a specific clip of me singing for the Vancouver Canucks, which in itself was my original dream, Tuliao said Friday, the same day she decided she'd be kneeling with players, according to The Chronicle Herald. The 28-year-old singer and actor who made her foray into belting out O Canada for professional teams by performing at a Vancouver Whitecaps soccer match last year said the opportunity to sing for the Seahawks brought up some conflicting feelings. Arielle Tuliao said she broke into tears when she read an email from the Seahawks asking her to sing Canada's national anthem on Sunday as part of the team's celebration honouring Canadian fans. Tuliao wondered how she'd respond as players kneeled or locked arms during the Star-Spangled Banner in keeping with protests by NFL and NBA teams over police brutality against African-Americans and President Donald Trump's portrayal of their stance as unpatriotic. Tuliao said she won't kneel during the Canadian anthem because that would take away from the Seahawks' celebration of their growing fan base in Canada. How do I take a stand without bringing unnecessary drama to my country I want to honour the Seahawks for celebrating their true north fans but at the same time it's my job to also stand up for their rights, not just as American citizens, but as humans. ( As reported in the news.