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St Century: Government and Crown Corporation

st century: I have long said that if archeologists of the future want to understand the late 20th century they could do worse than to look at advertising, Trudeau said to me in an interview in 2016, according to Toronto Star. The same is obviously true of the 21st century. While that's an impressive amount of money far more than the government spends on newspapers and magazines, for instance it's also fascinating to see who the government is trying to reach. This week, CTV revealed what reporter Rachel Aiello found when she went digging through 1,500 pages of ad-spending documents recently released by the federal government. Article Continued Below Destination Canada, a Crown corporation set up to promote tourism to Canada, spent 4.3 million on social media posts, a lot of them directed at potential American visitors, according to CTV's analysis. The analysis shows a government heavily interested in talking to people outside Canada almost half of the social-media ad budget targeted at travellers, whether tourists or newcomers. ( As reported in the news.