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Taliban Attacks: Friday Prayers

taliban attacks: The attack was one of two on mosques in the troubled, war-torn country, according to CTV. A suicide bombing in western Ghor province struck a Sunni mosque, also during Friday prayers, killing 33 people, including a warlord who was apparently the target, said Mohammad Iqbal Nizami, spokesman for the provincial chief of police. In a statement on its website late Friday, ISIS said claimed its fighter Abu Ammar al-Turkmani detonated his explosive vest among the apostates during Friday prayers in the Imam Zaman mosque in western Kabul. The attacks were the latest in a devastating week that saw Taliban attacks kill scores across the country. Earlier this year, following an attack claimed by ISIS on the Iraqi Embassy in Kabul, the militant group effectively declared war on Afghanistan's Shiites, saying they would be the target of future attacks. The so-called Islamic State in Afghanistan has taken responsibility for most of the attacks targeting Shiites, a minority in Afghanistan whom the Sunni extremist group considers to be apostates. ( As reported in the news.