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Canadian Cities: Sault Ste and Bidding Cities

canadian cities: Marie, Ont, according to National Observer. Instead, Trudeau outlines commercial, cultural and social reasons why Amazon should call Canada home to its new headquarters dubbed HQ2 and the 50,000 jobs expected to come with it. Trudeau's letter, which starts with Dear Jeff, does not single out any of the bidding cities, which include major centres like Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa alongside acknowledged longshots like Halifax and Sault Ste. Canadian cities are progressive, confident, and natural homes for forward-thinking global leaders, Trudeau's letter reads. Canada's business advantages include costs among the lowest in the G7, universal health care that lowers the cost to employers, stable banking systems, and a deep pool of highly educated prospective workers from both at home and abroad, according to Trudeau. They are consistently ranked as the best places to live, work and play in the world. ( As reported in the news.