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Party Leaders: Editorial Boards and Face Coverings

party leaders: It tells us that all three major party leaders may harbour suspicions that the bill forcing face coverings to be removed while accessing public services may be more popular both inside and outside Quebec than what might be expected, according to Toronto Star. They may be right. They are not comfortable truths. This has all the trappings of a Donald Trump presidential run or a Brexit referendum in that the louder the protestations and the deeper the indignation of the mainstream pundits, editorial boards and the elite, the more popular the candidate or the legislation. And thirdly, because it is Quebec, we know that any federal intervention is seen as a political third rail, which would not be the case if, say, a government in Manitoba or Nova Scotia had passed such legislation. Read more Article Continued Below Quebec women who wear niqab worry about how Bill 62 will affect daily life Quebec lawmakers pass religious neutrality bill banning face coverings Trudeau says Quebec shouldn't tell women what to wear and what not to wear react-empty 166 Secondly, it tells us that the further from power one is, the easier it is to be the champion of rights and liberties. ( As reported in the news.