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Money: Renovation Effort and February

money: That money is being used as part of an ongoing renovation effort that will wrap up by February 2018.article continues below Trending Stories Were you a victim of property crime this month Macdonald elementary renamed Xpey'House sales plunge on Vancouver's West Side Slower sales cap wobbly September for Vancouver real estaterelated What happens when wrestling and burlesque collide photos Burlesque musical Shines on Concert review New Pornographers play to the private masses The WISE an acronym for Welsh, Irish, Scottish, English, dating back to the days when it was a social club for immigrants has received two grants in the past five years, though the recent financial pick-me-up represents the largest renovation project in the venue's 92-year history, according to Vancouver Courier. As a not-for-profit, we've had stuff donated and we've purchased where we can, but this allows us to move into a place where we have good gear that has some longevity and can carry us through the next decade, said WISE Hall manager Jasmine Liddell. The venerable East Side music and arts space received more than 90,000 in grant money from the provincial arts agency in September. The lengthy to-do list includes re-surfacing the stage, bringing in new lighting, soundproofing and curtains and an entirely new sound system to replace the piecemeal setup that's been used for years. The WISE's last reno project happened in 2013, when a crowdfunding campaign raised 11,000 for soundproofing materials in response to noise complaints. The sound board is also being moved from the balcony area down onto the floor. ( As reported in the news.