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Iv Fluid: Bc Hospital and Aubrey Hirsch

iv fluid: The two-year-old is thriving now, but the usually perky girl was sick with a worsening fever when she was diagnosed last year, according to CTV. When she arrived at BC Children's Hospital, her parents didn't think it was anything serious. About nine months ago, little Aubrey Hirsch underwent a critical medical procedure in her fight with acute myeloid leukemia. I went into the ER kind of thinking we would maybe just get a little IV fluid to give her some electrolytes or something just to perk her up, not thinking it was any big deal, but we didn't go home, Aubrey's mother Megan Davis said. Hours later, she was undergoing chemotherapy. They went straight into the pediatric intensive care unit, and Aubrey was given a bone marrow biopsy the next day. ( As reported in the news.