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Immigration Review: Immigration Division and Othman Behaviour

immigration review: While your posts may not be criminal, I cannot pretend that they do not exist, according to Metro News. Nor can I ignore the impact that I think they are likely to have on those who read them and in turn on the Canadian public, Cook told Hamdan. Adjudicator Trent Cook of the board's immigration division said Thursday in an oral ruling that Othman Hamdan's behaviour and online activity make it necessary to keep him incarcerated pending the outcome of an immigration review. In my view, anyone who actively promotes and calls on people to engage in terrorist activity is engaging in behaviour and conduct that puts the Canadian public in danger, regardless of if that conduct meets the standard necessary to obtain a criminal conviction. Hamdan, 35, is a Jordanian national of Palestinian descent who came to B.C. after living in the United States and was granted refugee status following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.A B.C. Supreme Court judge found Hamdan not guilty in September of allegations of encouraging murder, assault, and instructing a person to carry out a terrorist activity, ruling that Hamdan's comments might be offensive but they didn't constitute inciting terrorism. A date has not yet been set for Hamdan's admissibility hearing to determine if he should remain in Canada. ( As reported in the news.