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Edmonton Attacks: Edmonton and Mahamad Accord

edmonton attacks: Women will bear the brunt of the racism, I guarantee you, because they display the hijab, Accord said, according to Toronto Star. Read more Article Continued Below Grieve for Las Vegas, Edmonton, but sidestep the trolls Paradkar Suspect in Edmonton attacks was investigated by RCMP in 2015Suspect in Edmonton attack faces terrorism, attempted murder charges react-empty 157 Nuurto Abdirahman said she was driving near Norquest College Monday morning when a man stopped his car to shout at her, calling her a bitch and a terrorist and saying, You should go back to your own country. Mahamad Accord, with the Edmonton Coalition for Human Rights, said he heard from one Muslim woman who was hospitalized Monday after she had a bottle smashed on her head while riding the LRT. He said he heard from two more women by Monday afternoon who had men yell hateful things at them in public. I didn't do anything, and I drove, she said.A man who police have identified as Somali refugee claimant Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, 30, drove his car into a police officer and ran over several pedestrians with a U-Haul truck on Saturday night. While hundreds attended a peace rally and vigil Sunday organized by Edmonton's Muslim community, the attack stirred up some anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment on social media. Police said the man had a flag in his car representing the terrorist group Daesh. ( As reported in the news.