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Dignity Agreement and Workers

ben: The Milk with Dignity agreement was signed by Ben & Jerry's CEO Jostein Solheim and members of the group Migrant Justice, according to Metro News. It assures the human rights of the workers and ensures better relations with farmers because workers will do a better job, said Enrique Kike Balcazar, a 24-year-old farmworker from Tabasco, Mexico, who has worked in Vermont for seven years and is now a leader of Migrant Justice. Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's promised Tuesday to improve the pay and working conditions of labourers hired by the farms that provide milk for the Vermont-based company's quirky flavours while promising to pay the farmers who employ the workers more. And Ben & Jerry's wins ... because they will sell a product that assures the human rights of the workers so the consumers will receive a just product. Solheim said the agreement is the first of its kind in the dairy industry in the United States and possibly the world. That is milk with dignity, Balcazar said. ( As reported in the news.