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Agencies Scramble: Bangladesh and Refugee Camps

agencies scramble: It takes time, according to CTV. An estimated 600,000 Rohingya have now entered Bangladesh from Myanmar, fleeing violence that the United Nations has called textbook ethnic cleansing. Suddenly, we just can't take thousands of people in, Major Ashik bin Jalil of the Bangladesh Armed Forces told CTV's Peter Akman. While many of them are now in crowded refugee camps inside Bangladesh, those along the border are being forced to wait in limbo in overcrowded, filthy conditions as Bangladesh and humanitarian agencies scramble to create more spaces for them. With journalists banned from the border zone, aid workers showed pictures of the squalid no man's land. This cannot go on, said J.J. Simon, who works with UNICEF. It is a paddy field, with water around, there is no sanitation, there is no clean water, there is no food. ( As reported in the news.