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Accommodation Secularism: Election Day and Identity Vote

accommodation secularism: What happened to the moral centre With Bill 62 this week the Liberals are pandering to their base political instincts, according to CTV. They are perceived as soft on the reasonable accommodation/ secularism file so they passed what arguably is one of the stupidest and meanest laws to ever float down the Grande All e; it is legislation smacking of dog whistle politics. Despite some obvious linguistic transgressions, they did believe in civil liberties and now I am not sure what they believe in, if anything. It's all about October 1, 2018 Election Day in Quebec . It's part of the Liberal's grand scheme to steal the soft identity vote from the CAQ and PQ. The Liberals desperately need to shore up the francophone vote, and in the 340 and some days until the election they will portray themselves as the guardians of Quebec values. Except it doesn't. The light version less filling tastes great. ( As reported in the news.