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Typeof B: Mackie and Funding

typeof b: But that funding is based on a three-year rolling average, Mackie said, according to CBC. We had two very low years and then 2016 jumped up and 2017 is on track to be another big year, said Mackie. Immigration drives P.E.I. population past 150,000 Executive director Craig Mackie says about two thirds of the association's funding comes from the federal Department of Immigration. We've been in conversation with them saying we need some funding released sooner because we really need more staff to be able to keep up with demand. if undefined typeof b in Not only are there more immigrants, said Mackie, their needs are changing as well. Also, he added, the more recent immigrants are arriving with better English skills, so instead of language training they are in need of employment counselling sooner. There has been a higher proportion of children under 15 arriving, he said, who need help adjusting to the school system. ( As reported in the news.