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Toronto Man: Residence Application and Deportation Saturday

toronto man: However, by law the 49-year-old Toronto man is considered removable by the Canada Border Services Agency CBSA . He is facing deportation Saturday and a lengthy separation from his family before he can return to Canada, according to Toronto Star. The government is utilizing valuable and limited resources to enforce removal of an individual who has a strong chance of returning to Canada as a permanent resident, said the family's immigration lawyer Ashley Fisch. Normally, the negative decision against Nasreldin Ali Akad Himad would not have mattered since he would be included in the permanent residence application with the immediate family members who were recognized as protected persons. This defies any sense of logic and accountability to taxpayers. Article Continued Below With exception of cases involving refugee parents with American-born children, who are U.S. citizens and ineligible, Fisch said she is only aware of one other case at the Immigration and Refugee Board that split the decision, on a recent family claim from Libya. Himad has already passed the criminal and medical screening, which means if he were to be deported to Sudan, it's virtually certain he would ultimately be approved for permanent residence and return to Canada. ( As reported in the news.