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Holocaust Monument: Trudeau and Monument

holocaust monument: Louis to come in concert with Wednesday's inauguration of the National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made only passing reference to the incident in his speech marking the occasion, according to CBC. From the monument, Trudeau noted, it is possible to see the Peace Tower. Some wanted the apology for the MS St. But that's also a reminder that Canada has not always been a welcoming nation. '1056434243622', 'playlist Selector' 'container Selector' ' container38609438', 'ciid' 'caffeine14310465' ; Trudeau dedicates National Holocaust Memorial1 20 May this monument remind us to always open our arms and our hearts to those in need, he said. While history records King trying to convince Frederick Blair director of the immigration branch of the federal Department of Mines and Resources at the time to consider their plea, Blair ultimately refused. The ship had 900 Jews aboard when it was turned away from both Cuba and the United States before a group of Canadians tried to convince then-prime minister Mackenzie King's government to let it dock in Halifax. ( As reported in the news.