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Ebrahim Toure: Identity Documents and Star Investigation

ebrahim toure: The 46-year-old, who was profiled earlier this year as part of a Star investigation into Canada's immigration detention system, said he is not trying to stay in Canada and is willing to be deported, according to Toronto Star. He said he was born in Gambia and grew up partly in Guinea, but has no identity documents. Ebrahim Toure, who has been locked up at Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay since February 2013 despite not facing any criminal charges, is arguing that his detention is indefinite and arbitrary because there is no reasonable prospect he will be deported in the foreseeable future. He can't prove his citizenship to either country, so neither will issue him a passport or agree to take him back. They believe his name is Bakaba Touray and that he is withholding information that would allow them to deport him. Immigration officials, meanwhile, accuse Toure who used multiple aliases while working illegally in the U.S. in the early 2000s and previously insisted he was 100 per cent from Guinea of deceiving them and intentionally thwarting his removal. ( As reported in the news.