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Group Canadian: Nazi Salute and Wwii Germany

group canadian: Goudreau has a large swastika tattooed on the centre of his chest and there are photographs shared online of him giving the Heil Sieg, the Nazi salute, according to CTV. When questionned about the tattoo and aligning himself with white supremacist and neo-nazi groups, Goudreau said his aim is to unite the right and stop immigration into Canada. Kevin Goudreau, chairman of the group Canadian Nationalist Front, told Evan Solomon on the Bell Talk Radio Network that he is not a white supremacist--- preferring instead to be referred to as a white nationalist---- and that the rally is an anti-Trudeau, anti-illegal immigration rally. I got the tattoo 20 years ago and it wasn't meant as anything to do with WWII Germany or anti-semitism. I wanted to take the symbol back, Goudreau told Solomon. It was just a thing to -- I was idealistic. ( As reported in the news.