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Figures Show: Cbsa and Cbc News

figures show: They also show a decline since 2012-13 of 35.3 per cent, according to CBC. The Canada Border Services Agency CBSA told CBC News that it is using federal funding announced last year to expand the use of alternatives to detention. The figures show that the number of detainees being held for three months or longer dropped by 29.9 per cent in 2016-17 compared with 2015-16. The funding received is dedicated to developing and deploying a technology-enabled voice reporting solution that will make it easier for low-risk persons to comply with reporting conditions imposed by CBSA officers or the Immigration and Refugee Board, while living in the community, a CBSA spokesperson said in an email to CBC. Detainees are also now locked up an average of 19.5 days, down from 23.1 days last year, according to the agency's statistics. Part of the money is being spent on a new immigration holding centre IHC in Surrey, B.C., which should open in December 2018. Red Cross to monitor Canada's immigration detention centres Immigration detention system is legal, though not always applied perfectly judge Last year, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale announced 138 million for a new national immigration detention framework, with the aim of creating a more humane system. ( As reported in the news.