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Veteran Musician: Protest Music and City Blocks

veteran musician: I just remember that as a moment where you could no longer ignore the injustice and the anger that was behind that, said 64-year-old Was, a veteran musician, producer and president of Blue Note Records, according to Metro News. Things were just in your face you couldn't just go about your business anymore. He'd already been turned on to the power of protest music, but the unrest that enveloped 25 city blocks and claimed 43 lives was another turning point altogether. Was brings those realities into leading the 10th Detroit All-Star Revue on July 15 at Orchestra Hall. This year's revue sets out to commemorate Detroit's history of musical rebellion on the eve of the riot's 50th anniversary. The concert is part of the 25th Concert of Colors a free, multi-day festival celebrating the musical and ethnic diversity of the city. ( As reported in the news.