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Upstairs Floors: Michalakopoulou and Floor Tiles

upstairs floors: There are very few signs of an UNHCR office on Michalakopoulou, according to Rabble. No inscriptions are visible neither outside nor inside the building. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR office -- located in-between a supermarket and a bank on Michalakopoulou street, in a large, imposing building, with massive glass doors, marble-like white and grey floor tiles and four elevators to the upstairs floors, carefully guarded by security officers who assertively inform strangers that a scheduled meeting is needed for entering the UNHCR -- gives little respite from the heat. The only indications are a white van parked at the corner of Michalakopoulou and Leof. They are hiding from the people. Vasileos Alexandrou, where some people are sleeping on the back seats, a couple of dark-skinned women holding their babies in their arms, and the formally-dressed, somehow fashionable UNHCR workers continually walking in and out of the building. ( As reported in the news.