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Vancouver Funk: Canada and Canadian

vancouver funk: I have always been part of the Canadian family, I have always chosen Canada and for me today, it seems more like Canada has chosen me and I belong again, she said following the ceremony at Canada Place in Vancouver, according to The Chronicle Herald. Funk, 37, was born in Mexico to Canadian parents and they moved back to Canada when she was just two months old. Funk, who is a third-generation Canadian, became a first-generation Canadian Saturday after she regained her citizenship that was stripped from her just over a year ago by an arcane law. Since then, Canada has been home and she holds no other citizenship. Losing her citizenship meant she couldn't leave Canada and couldn't vote. She was unaware of a law that requires people born overseas between 1977 and 1981 to parents who were also born abroad to apply to maintain their citizenship by the age of 28, and missed the deadline. ( As reported in the news.