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Andrej Mahecic: Security Council and Syrian Refugees

country: Canada has a leading claim to being, all things considered, relatively speaking, and with all apologies for such an outburst of immodesty, the most successful country on the planet, and the best place to be an average citizen, anywhere, ever, according to Globe and Mail. Our level of peace, order, good government, prosperity, liberty and justice isn't perfect. On this benighted earth, what is But compared to the rest of the world, and the march of folly that is so much of human history, our country is a marvel. But there's no place where it's less imperfect. It sounds too grandiose, like it was pulled from the national song of a banana republic. The French version of O Canada describes our history as une pop e des plus brillants exploits an epic of the most brilliant exploits. ( As reported in the news.