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Page Opinion: Iraqi Nationals and Judge

page opinion: A corrected version of the story is below, according to The Chronicle Herald. US judge halts Iraqis' deportation until court review A federal judge has halted the deportation of 1,400 Iraqi nationals, many of them Christians, while the orders to remove them from the U.S. are reviewed by the courts A federal judge Tuesday halted the deportation of 1,400 Iraqi nationals, including many Christians fearing persecution, while courts review the orders to remove them from the U.S. Judge Mark Goldsmith issued a 24-page opinion asserting jurisdiction in the case over the objection of the Justice Department, which argued U.S. district judges do not have jurisdiction. It's scheduled for Thursday, not Wednesday. This Court concludes that to enforce the Congressional mandate that district courts lack jurisdiction despite the compelling context of this case would expose Petitioners to the substantiated risk of death, torture, or other grave persecution before their legal claims can be tested in a court, Goldsmith wrote in a 24-page opinion. Many of the Iraqis, including 114 rounded up in the Detroit area last month who are mostly Christians, fear attacks over their religion if returned to Iraq. Goldsmith earlier blocked the deportations while he considered whether he had jurisdiction over the case. ( As reported in the news.