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Cbc Edmonton: Edmonton and Art Forms

cbc edmonton: The inaugural event will take place on July 21 in Giovanni Caboto Park, according to CBC. Edmonton is a cultural mosaic and the event will reflect that, organizer Ahmed Abdulkadir said in an interview with CBC Radio's Edmonton AM. Break down those barriers' It's to promote cultural cohesiveness, tolerance, love, Abdulkadir said. The Fusion Youth Cultural Arts Celebration will showcase the diversity of Edmonton through creative traditional art forms such as, song, dance, fashion, music, art and storytelling. We're in an environment where hate always bubbles up. The festival was organized by a joint committee that includes the Ogaden Somali Community, the Edmonton City Centre Church Corporation, and the City of Edmonton Youth Council. But as soon as individuals get to know each other, the hate goes away, so we want to break down those barriers. ( As reported in the news.