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Mexico City: Slang-Heavy Spanish and Gangs Rampaging

mexico city: Nine months later they're together again in two adjacent apartments in a working-class neighbourhood of eastern Mexico City, according to CTV. It hasn't always been easy adjusting to this megalopolis of 20 million-plus, with its crowded subway and unfamiliar, slang-heavy Spanish, but at least they're safe from the gangs rampaging back home. Laura Maria Cruz Martinez, another single mother and the nine kids in their care hurriedly threw clothing and personal items into bags and made for the border before dawn, their home abandoned with the furniture and appliances left in place. All eleven were recognized as refugees by Mexico in March and granted asylum, making them part of a growing wave of refugees from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala who are resettling here instead of trying to reach the United States, which many see as increasingly hostile. Under President Donald Trump, U.S. authorities have sought to ramp up immigration enforcement and decrease the number of refugees. The rise in refugee resettlement in Mexico has paralleled a decrease in immigration to the United States, with apprehensions by U.S. Border Patrol down sharply at the frontier - especially of unaccompanied children and families like Cruz's. ( As reported in the news.