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Land Border: Canadian Council and Asylum Claim

land border: Under the deal, most people who make an asylum claim at the land border are denied entry; as a result, there's been an influx of people crossing illegally into Canada in recent months to file asylum claims, according to CBC. The Canadian Council for Refugees, Amnesty International and the Canadian Council of Churches are among the many groups urging Canada to suspend the arrangement following major changes to U.S. immigration and refugee policy since the election of President Donald Trump. Three advocacy groups are throwing their support behind a woman being named only as E in asking the Federal Court to strike down the so-called Safe Third Country Agreement. But now they're asking the Federal Court to step in, arguing that sending claimants back to the U.S. is morally and legally wrong because it risks violating their basic rights. The litigant in the case is described as a Salvadoran woman who fled after being targeted by a gang and who believes she won't be protected in the U.S. It's not the first time the deal has been tested in court. Syrian woman stuck in limbo after crossing illegally Refugee who lost fingers to frostbite wins bid to stay in Canada The federal Liberals have said they believe the deal does not need to be suspended or altered, as the asylum system in the United States is still functioning. ( As reported in the news.