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Festival: Training and Volunteers Aren

festival: Beyond food safety training, this is the first year that the festival has undertaken the initiative to make sure every cultural pavilion gets equipment and environmental training, according to Metro News. It's the simple things that quite often festivals forget not our festival that the volunteers aren't professionals in what they do, he added. We're training them on their rights to know, and how to be safe, and be sure if they're using any kind of equipment that they've been trained in how to use it properly, said Folklorama president Avrom Charach. So we just want to make sure that they all learn how to do it right and everybody will go home happy. Return of the pavilion The First Nations Pavilion is back this year at the RBC Convention Centre in the North Building. Folklorama is in its 48th year, and will be running from August 6 to 19. ( As reported in the news.