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Family Members: Family Tree and Saliva Test

family members: And it turns out we had the perfect candidate for our test the mother-in-law of CTV's Christina Heydanus, according to CTV. Gayle Lawrenson's mother was adopted and she knew little about her past, other than she was born at Victoria General Hospital in 1929. But can a simple saliva test really determine your ethnic background and match you to family members you didn't know you had AncestryDNA approached McLaughlin on Your Side to try out its product, which promises to give you insight into your bloodline, ethnicity and family tree. My grandparents got a little uncomfortable with her digging, I guess, for the information so that's where she stopped, explained Lawrenson. Weeks later, we sat down with to get Lawreson's results. You're too busy when you're young to think about these things, but as I get older I kind of have a little bit more of an interest to look back, Lawrenson followed the instructions on the AncestryDNA kit, which costs 129, and took a saliva sample, which was shipped off for testing. ( As reported in the news.