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Cases Aren: Guardian Angels and Canadian Officials

cases aren: The group's legal team, which consists of lawyers in Hong Kong and Montreal, accused Canadian officials of reversing a decision in April to expedite the refugee applications of the so-called Snowden's Guardian Angels, according to Toronto Star. They told reporters on Parliament Hill the asylum seekers would face possible arrest, torture or death if they are deported to their home countries of Sri Lanka and the Philippines, and are demanding an explanation from Ottawa about why the cases aren't being fast-tracked. Ballingall, Alex / For the Refugees By Alex Ballingall Ottawa Bureau Mon., July 17, 2017 OTTAWA A group of Hong Kong asylum seekers who sheltered the American surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013 is calling on the Canadian government to speed up their refugee applications in the face of concern they will be imminently detained, deported and separated from their children. The lawyers plan to submit a motion in Federal Court on Tuesday to force the government to hear their cases as soon as possible. He suggested the Justin Trudeau government, which has branded the country as a haven for refugees, is at risk of contradicting its own welcoming rhetoric. It's unacceptable, and it's immoral, said Marc-Andr S guin, one of the lawyers representing the four adults and three young children hoping to come to Canada. ( As reported in the news.