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Army Uniform: Washington Post and Rafeeq

army uniform: Rafeeq was eager as a teenager to translate for U.S. troops stationed in his hometown of Kirkuk in 2005, according to Toronto Star. He immigrated to Portland, Ore., to study seven years later, hoping to don an Army uniform after earning his graduate degree in civil engineering. State Department via Washington Post By Alex Horton The Washington Post Mon., July 17, 2017 Frustrated by delayed promises from the U.S. military for citizenship, and in fear of Daesh if he were deported back to Iraq, Ranj Rafeeq has given up the American Dream for a Canadian one. He signed an enlistment contract in January 2016, with a training date set in September. It was my dream to be a part of them, Rafeeq, now 29, said. I loved American soldiers. ( As reported in the news.