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Work Environments: Mentoring Relationship

work environments: Thus, approaching a new mentoring relationship in a more holistic fashion and being open to sharing one's background more broadly are some of the key characteristics of successful formal mentoring, according to Globe and Mail. Encourage cross-cultural matching Not just in Canada, but globally, work environments are as diverse as the marketplace in which organizations operate. Just as important is acknowledging work-life connections as you share your story. We find that formal mentoring programs that emphasize cross-cultural matches are a unique opportunity to enhance cross-cultural understanding and skills of both mentoring partners. Cross-cultural mentor-prot g dyads exchanged a variety of cultural knowledge and did not just learn about each other but learned from each other. In fact, our study finds that contrary to the popular belief about mentoring being typically more beneficial for the prot g s, mentors, especially those in cross-cultural matches, can gain just as much. ( As reported in the news.